Incentivize Employees.
Optimize Performance.
Succeed Together.

The world’s first professional development platform with instant gratification.

Easy to Use Employee Engagement Software

The most effective platform to optimize employee engagement, drive retention of top talent, and enhance communication of value to accelerate company growth

Incentivize – Earn Tokens

Employees earn company tokens in real-time for every second they watch a video, answer a quiz questions, or participate in other related content to advance their careers.

Reward – Redeem Tokens

mployees can then redeem these tokens in their company specific online store for rewards such as vacation days, gift cards, etc.

Analyze – Track Activity

Managers can easily view employee activity from their main dashboard and make valuable HR insights with the new data.

Feel Instant Value

The world is getting faster and everyone expects technology to be instant. Basic psychological studies show that a vast majority of people would rather receive 1 point for each second they watch a video than receiving points only after it is fully completed.

Increased collaboration & efficiency

Employees can also send tokens they have earned to any of their peers for helping them solve a problem, complete a dificult task, or if they are just feeling nice and want to show gratification to another employee.

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Encrypted messaging for employee to employee communication with group chat capability.

Bulk On-boarding

Included for Free in the Enterprise edition, we will set up all employee accounts to get you up and running faster.

Content Migration

Included for Free in the Enterprise edition, we will migrate existing professional development content to streamline the integration.

HR System Integration

Sync the PAYD platform to your existing HR system to easily automate vacation time, PTO, scheduling, etc.

Store Integration

If you already offer a rewards program, we can integrate it seamlessly into the PAYD platform.